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River Ridge Training Center in Asheville, NC. is a 15,000 sq ft Training Facility with MULTIPLE companies coming together using the latest in the Science of Exercise, Heart Rate Technology, recovery methods, and nutritional guidance. We work together to bring you the best in Strength, Science, Skill, Balance, and Nutrition. With Kickboxing, hiit, Spinning, Performance Training, Hot Yoga, deep fiber core, functional training, myofascial release, Nutrition, Recovery Smoothies and more. 

we EDUCATE. MOTIVATE. & TRAIN. come Enjoy the sweat. Experience the Training.


Ladies Workout Asheville

ATTENTION LADIES! LWA IS NOW A TRAINING CENTER FOCUSING ON WOMEN’S STRENGTH!! LWA is Bootcamps, Boxing, Spin, Strength - and so much more! Unlimited Small Group Training Sessions of both Cardio using Heart Rate Technology and Strength Training Sessions using a 5x5 Method. Science, Strength, Skill, and Deep Fiber Core just for Women! Exclusive Atmosphere to Really Train Hard, yet Smart. At LWA, Science and Sweat come together!


LivPulse Asheville

Asheville’s Official Spinning Studio With Polar Heart Rate Training. Experience Co-Ed Spin Rides, Learn How to Work with Speed and Resistance, Breathe, and Recover! We’re challenging. We're intensely fun. We're not like anyone else. Get ready to build your most limitless body—in and out of the studio.

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Mchone Performance Training

At Mchone Performance Training we enhance individuals outdoor experience through fun, functional, challenging workouts for all levels of outdoor athletes. We provide a clear, consistent results driven program that does not waste your time or efforts. As lifetime mountain adventure athletes we know the more fit the individual the grander the experience of future adventures will be.


Hot Yoga Asheville

Inside our studio some amazing things are happening. Our classes are incredible for all levels. We believe that everyone can do yoga- even hot yoga! You will find the balance between fitness and therapy in our sessions. Some days you’ll turn up the dial on fitness, other days you are just there for some physical and – lets be honest – emotional therapy. We’ve got you covered!


You will use Heart Rate Training with Polar Real-time Visual Technology: this tool will help you and your trainer determine if you are exploding to your full potential based on your heart rate acceleration and if you are able to recover quickly based on your heart rate deceleration after each explosive movement. With proper training based off your data, you will become stronger


Next Gen Chicks

NextGen Chicks is a movement for a new generation of women like yourself, Women who are redefining the meaning of being boss. At NextGen Chicks we gather the next generation of of female bosses and connect them with successful business owners in the community. You’ll hear from female founders, CEOs, entrepreneurs, olympians, creatives and so many other badass boss ladies.

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